In the summer of 2018, I interned at Remo AI in Shenzhen, China. Remo AI is a technology company devoted to AI shooting with automatic tracking and intelligent composition.

Obsbot Tail AI Camera was the portable AI camera product of Remo which had integrated massive AI algorithms.(more information about the product at During my 2-month internship, I was responsible for exploring more possible scenarios and designing a promotional advertisement video exhibiting its strong AI ability.

Since Obsbot Camera was the first AI camera at that time capable of both rotating freely around 3 independent axises and tracking human figures with high accuracy in complicated environment. I did mass desk research on existing competing products, such as GoPro and numerous similar products on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Finally, I found Hip-hop, street sports and dancing shooting as a perfect scenario, where low light interior environment, busy streets and twisted bodies made shooting extemely difficult. Moreover, street sports and Hip-hop lovers shared strong desire of expression.

I, along with my co-workers interviewed a few hip-hop lovers and made some demos in the following month. These potential buyers also gave us much precious feedback which offered room for improvement in the next version. We then invited them to our workshop to make various hip hop dance moves and captured their marvelous movements to make short demos.

During our testing and filming process, we also tried to explore some new ways of play our AI camera, such as crazy-time ( mode for fast movements), pet-time mode ( mode to capture beloved pets ) and bullet time,etc.. I am really proud because all these ideas are now available in the latest version of Obsbot launched in 2019.