I now work as an intern in Future Lab, Tsinghua University. Future Lab is a HCI lab carrying out interdisciplinary researches to combine computing, communication, media and art.

Our research group consists of 3 persons, Jiaxiong Hu,  Jingya Guo and me. We now focus on affective computing-based interaction design.

We use affective computing techniques such as Facial Emotion Recognition and Speech Emotion Recognition to collect subtle affective information behind user behaviors. The affective information can then be used to optimize existing services, such as more accurate content recommendation. Moreover, the scope of services can also be extended to satisfy the emotional need of the user, such as anxiety relief.

Recently, we try replacing traditional online surveys with online interviews between interviewees and survey chatbot who can perceive and process emotional information. Traditional online surveys are rather inflexible and unlifelike. Chatbots who can understand you and offer personalized interview experience may promote more self-disclosure of users. We look for clues indicating speakers’ self-disclosure and desire for discourse dominance during human-to-human conversations, such as sudden changes in emotion. A chatbot capable of initiating and leading a dialogue during online interviews will be built for further experiment.