Xiyuan Shen (Alan)

+86 18930630149 | shenxy16@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn

Tsinghua University, Beijing | www.mrcuriosity.xyz


Tsinghua University         Sep 2016 – Jun 2021

  • Major: Intelligence Engineering & Creative Design, an interdisciplinary subject of Automation, Product Design and Mechanical Engineering
  • Main Course: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Hardware,  Digital & Artificial Circuits, Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design, User Experience Design, Process of Industrial Design
  • GPA: 3.88 / 4.0 (1/13)


  • Scholarship for Outstanding students
  • Academic Excellence Award


Tencent Technology         Jul 2019 – Sep 2019

Product Intern, Cloud Xiaowei Speech AI Platform

  • data analysis on from smart speaker users
  • develop new intentions to improve question-answering systems for smart speakers

Remo AI Technology         Jul 2018 – Aug 2018


  • Test products on AI photography, interview potential consumers face to face
  • Explore possible scenarios and design a promotional advertisement video


Lab Researches on Tactile Paving For The Blind        May 2020- Present

  • Use 3D modelling softwares to design new digital fabricable tactile patterns
  • Design new fabrication method for rapid indoor fabrication of tactile paving
  • Develop a paving designing, arranging and fabricating software
  • Design online surveys and remote interview to evaluate the work

Lab Researches on Chatbots         Sep 2019 – Present

  • Build CNN+LSTM models to recognize emotional changes during conversation
  • Label, analysis and categorize changes of human emotions during long interviews

Global Product Design        Aug 2017 – Dec 2017

  • Make a prototype of a smart algae-based air purifier using Raspberry Pi and 3D-printing
  • Cooperate with college students from South Korea, Columbia and Hong Kong through international travel and monthly teleconferences


  • Programming Skills: Python, C, Java, basic programming for Arduino, Verilog
  • Design Skills: PS, Solidworks, Keyshot, PR, Basic mechanic designing, Basic sketching
  • Language: Chinese (Native), English (Fluent)